Strong At Heart

by World In Arms

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released September 26, 2011



all rights reserved


World In Arms Rhode Island

Honest, passionate Ocean State hardcore. We're not here to impress anyone or hop on the latest music trend. We're here to play the music that we love and have a great time doing it.

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Track Name: Strong At Heart
You did this to yourself, up to your eyes in your own personal hell.
Trapped inside your fucking mind, watching your life pass you by.
If this is the end, then all those nights I spent feeling worthless,
Beating my head against the wall, were for nothing.
And I refuse to let my life stand for nothing at all.
I’m still here, learning from every mistake.
Failure’s no more than a word when you’ve got so much to live for.
Don’t waste your life on misery, you’ve only got one shot.
Track Name: With Love
Broken down,
Nothing to live for.
This could be the last night you ever see me.
This could be the last night you ever see my face.
Waiting on the promise of something that will never come.
Where are my better days?
Shoving positive bullshit down my throat won’t help this time.
This time I need something real to make a change in my life.
To make a change for the best, to get this weight off my chest.
To live a life burdened with love, and to say that I never gave up.
At least I never gave up.
I’m still fighting every fucking day.
I may be miserable, but death was never an option.
How can I throw away what I’m still figuring out?
Unsure of every step, and my heart’s filled with doubt.
I never said I was invincible.
To make a change for the best, to get this weight off my chest.
To live a life burdened with love, and to say that I never gave up.
At least I never gave up.
Track Name: Defeatist
This is not a confession.
This is a suicide note to all that once was me.
I don't deserve the chances I've been given, or the people that surround me.
I am undeserving of the life I lead.
So listen to the story of a man, broken and defeated,
Who never thought he would get back up,
Or see the light of another day.
The story of the man standing before you,
piecing his life back together, with regret as the glue.
I would wrap my car around a pole if it would erase all the wrong I've done,
Mend the lives that I have sent down the drain.
What kind of man am I?
I get the feeling that I shouldn't be alive.
Yet here I am, doing the best I can to forgive myself and to forget.
Well you may have forgiven me, but I still can't forgive myself,
And I don't know if I ever will.
I never will.
So maybe I can't move on,
But I can use solitude to avoid repeating past mistakes,
Though I swear I've changed.
I can't shake the feeling that I shouldn't be alive.
Track Name: POS
This is the last chance you'll get to bow out with dignity.
Everyone knows you're a fake, and soon the whole world will see
You've got no heart, you've got no soul.
You're not growing up but you're still getting old.
Where's your fucking backbone?
What ever happened to originality?
It's dead in the fucking water.
The world doesn't need another fucking clone
And I don't need your negativity.
Get the fuck out of my life.
You can't hide behind autotune forever.
Track Name: Shipwrecked
My heart is adrift.
Let them hear my name, for my heart is adrift.
I stand alone on the edge of the inlet
bridging the gap between today and yesterday,
shipwrecked on the shores of my own mind,
wondering what has changed.
The infinite dark blue looks exactly as it did before,
though I’ve grown tired of its ever changing tides.
The waves that now numb my feet are the same
that would impale a weaker soul upon the rocks
that so defiantly pierce the surface of this unending abyss.
I stand so long that darkness overtakes the sky
and lights a million stars to guide me.
In them my fate is written,
to them I now look.
My legs buckle beneath me
as the weight of my regrets pins me to the ground.
Water washes over me, filling my lungs,
taking my body with it as it recedes.
I am left a shell as all that I was washes away.
I am falling apart and I am terrified.
Yet still I sing, my heart is adrift, my heart is adrift.
Let them hear my name, for my heart is adrift.
This is not the end of the world.
This will not be the end of me.
Track Name: Twenty-Four
I will always know in my heart I am strong.
I have the strength to overcome any obstacle set before me.
I will always feel the burning desire to carry on.
My conscience has never been so clear.
I won’t be your stepping stone anymore.
I’ll always know in my heart I have the strength to overcome.
These twenty four ribs don’t mean a thing when I wear my heart right on my sleeve.
Though scarred and tempered, it beats again with the promise of a second chance.
And my future has never looked so bright.
And I will never stop moving forward,
And I’ll never look back.
Sadness will never bear such weight again, pulling you down.
Misery is a past tense word, along with fear and regret.
These twenty four ribs don’t mean a thing when I wear my heart right on my sleeve.
Move forward with a clear mind and a pure heart.
Bury your past before it buries you.
Who you were doesn’t matter, it’s who you are.
We all make mistakes, but we learn from them
And become the person we were meant to be.
Track Name: Lose Hope Lose Life
It won’t be easy to overcome this,
but you have to try harder than you ever have before.
Make an effort, make a difference.
The goals are worth the fight.
With victory, life can begin.
One day, you’ll realize hope is all we have.
If you lose hope, your life will end.
This will keep you alive.
Keep your head held high.
Hope for the future is the only refuge from the pain of today.
Moving up, pushing on to new heights I know I’ll reach.
Renewed, refreshed, no burdens to hold me back.
Weightless, free of guilt, disconnected from your filth.
I know I’ll make it, I know I am strong.
Pushing and fighting my way to the top,
But I don’t know how easy I will fall.
And I will fall.
And just when it seems like this world has got the best of me,
I will get back up and set my sights straight for its heart.
I will not be held down.
Though it may seem impossible, you can overcome.